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new2.gif (1296 bytes)  Incline Dumbell Rows by Alan Palmieri
Often left out of workouts this movement can be of real value especially if you have an injury that prevents other back movements. (read more)

Routine by Alan Palmieri
Another tried and proven routine that has found favor. (read more)

Joe Weider Passing by Alan Palmieri
Personal reflections on Joe Weider's passing. (read more)

Arm Training... Boring - Boring - Boring by Alan Palmieri
One of the most visible body parts and one favored by all bodybuilders. For me biceps and triceps are the most boring of all bodyparts to train. (read more)

10 x 10 Super Routine by Alan Palmieri
   A great workout routine that surfaces from time to time as a NEW routine when in reality it's been around for centuries.  This one, however, is modified to my specifications and has brought great success in overcoming sticking points, adding size, and maximizing shape. (read more)

My grandkids.   I'm a proud Grandpa.

Hack Squats - Old Way by Alan Palmieri
   A great movement needed for all around leg development plus comments regarding equipment of today compared to yesterday. (read more)

Coming Down to Go Up by Alan Palmieri
   In order to make real progress, sometimes you just have to go down in order to go up. (read more)

Old School Bodybuilding by Alan Palmieri
   The phrase Old School Bodybuilding can bring thoughts of different times to different people. It’s the 60’s in this article. (read more)

Once…Twice…Three Times by Alan Palmieri
   A great way to bring up lagging body parts and advance your training. (read more)

Nostalgia time!
   A few sites have posted stories concerning the wall charts that came with the Joe Weider System of Progressive Barbell Exercises. Some have written asking if I had these. Hope you enjoy. I have three sets of wall charts that have been issued with the course. Current larger charts are available with the purchase of the present course today. The newer version, issued in the late 60’s, has bodybuilders Larry Scott, Harold Poole and other famous stars of the day illustrating movements. The earlier version of the course has charts with bodybuilding greats such as Clancy Ross, Jack Delinger and other bodybuilding stars of the 40’s and 50’s demonstrating movements. (read more)

Steve Reeves Secrets of a Mr. America Physique by Dennis Weis
   Steve Reeves is the man who brought Hercules to the “Big Screen” and into the minds of thousands of young and not so young would be bodybuilders. This famous article by Powerlifter/Bodybuilder Dennis Weis is posted for reading enjoyment and insight. (read more)

Technology and Bodybuilding by Alan Palmieri
   Technology has a place in everything but for me it remains a major source of frustration. (read more)

Special Days...Few and Far Between by Alan Palmieri
   Special days when everything including workouts go without a hitch.   They are the exception and not the rule for me. (read more)

Progressive Training by Alan Palmieri
   Fundamentally sound and basic this approach is an effective way to ensure continued progress. (read more)

Hot! Hot! Hot! Leg Workout by Alan Palmieri
   Enthusiasm and youth coupled together in a manner that wins the award for being "Young Dumb". (readmore)

One More Arm Workout by Alan Palmieri
   An actual arm workout used to blast past sticking points and also test the inner determination of ones being. (read more)

Larry Scott In IronMan
   The first Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott, remains as one of bodybuilding’s greatest personalities. Rheo H Blair remains one of bodybuilding’s greatest mysteries. The original IronMan Magazine published by Peary Rader is recognized as one of the all time great sources for honest and accurate information on weight training. A rare Blair interview of Scott in Rader’s IronMan is vintage memorabilia. (read more)
Important: This is a large file. Downloading time will vary depending on your system.

Maxing Out by Alan Palmieri
   All lifters want to test their strength from time to time, some more than others.  Maxing out is part of the game. (read more)

Back on The Run by Alan Palmieri
   Business travel can make training difficult. Back day and I could either skip the workout or do with what I had. (read more)

Bulking and Power by Alan Palmieri
It's been a long hot summer and some have already begun the process of planning workouts for fall and winter.   Traditionally fall, winter, and early spring are opportunities to bulk up, adding more size and strength to the frame.  Early planning is a great idea even for those who are instinctive trainees as I am.  (read more)

The Flushing System of Training by Joe Weider, Introduction by Alan Palmieri
   Vintage material from the early days.  Nostalgia baby. that's all. (read more)

Favorite Exercises by Alan Palmieri
   We all have favorite exercises and we all run into scheduling conflicts that limit the time we have to work out.  Here are mine.  (read more)

Workout Log 8-29-07 by Alan Palmieri
   Requests concerning my workout routines come in on a fairly regular basis. I'm not
hip on posting them nonetheless, here is another installment. (read more)

Smith Machine by Alan Palmieri
   A useful piece of equipment that has been involved in controversy from the time it was
invented. (read more)

You Don't Have To by Alan Palmieri
   Everybody is an expert and everybody knows what is best. Truth is some things you don’t have to do. (read more)

Feeder Workouts for Faster Gains by Alan Palmieri.
   Simple but effective way to new gains.  (read more)

Racking The Delts by Alan Palmieri
   I’ve had a love / hate relationship with shoulder training over the years. An upcoming break allowed an all out assault. (read more)

Sets – Reps – Poundage…and Diet by Alan Palmieri
   Not really new or startling information but things all bodybuilders need to know and remember whether they are beginners or seasoned veterans of the iron wars. (read more)

Rheo H Blair and Blair Protein
   Blair was one of the controversial and leading nutrition authorities during bodybuilding's "Golden Era".  His repuation for producing results through nutrition and dietary supplement programs brought clients from all walks of life and from around the world; from Hollywood movie stars to bodybuilding greats.  (read more)

Lying Dumbbell Curls by Alan Palmieri
   One of if not the best single biceps movement for adding size and shape to the arms. (read more)

The Vince Gironda Workout Bulletin and Me by Alan Palmieri
   Vince Gironda wrote the course and I provide my comments and relate my personal experience and thoughts.  This is a large file (5.38 MB) and may take a few minutes to open. (read more)

Lessons Learned by Alan Palmieri
   Education is a life long process.  For bodybuilders, its critical mistakes are kept to a minimum.  I've learned tons of lessons and share a few of them.  (read more)

Biceps Peak by Alan Palmieri
   You can't have a truly impressive arm without having exceptional peak in the biceps. Even a
smaller arm looks impressive when the biceps carry a peak. (read more)

Whole Body Giant Set by Alan Palmieri
   An old method that delivers a powerful punch. (read more)

Abs - Old Way New Twist by Alan Palmieri
   Want to add a new twist to your ab workouts in order to make them more productive? An
old exercise can make a difference in your ab training. (read more)

My Vintage Leg Workout by Alan Palmieri
   Legs are the most brutal of all body parts to work. I've always loved hitting them
with variety and determination. (read more)

Present Workout Update by Alan Palmieri
   Illness and health conditions can't be used as an excuse for not training. Different levels for different people but the mission must be carried on. (read more)

Little Things Make a Difference by Alan Palmieri
Small things add up to big gains if you know what you are doing. (read more)

Injuries and Pain by Alan Palmieri
   Injuries are part of the price we pay for taking on the iron. The smart ones learn and know
how to deal with injuries and the pain they can cause. (read more)

Modified HIT For Power and Size Gains by Alan Palmieri
   HIT training means different things to different people. Remaining true to the
"one size does not fit all" belief, this HIT approach might find favor
with you.  (read more)

Freddy Ortiz Arm Article
   Without a doubt some of the best arms in bodybuilding belonged to Freddy Ortiz.  Freddy was always a quick wit and full of fun but he knew how to pump his bi's and tri's to get the most from his training.  (read more)

Brooklyn Academy of Music 1967 by Alan Palmieri
   One of if not the greatest bodybuilding events in the history of sport. Classic "Golden Era". (read more)

Rick Wayne's Arms by Alan Palmieri
   Large defined arms are the goal of every bodybuilder. Rick Wayne had a pair of the most exceptional arms in the sport. (read more)

Presses For Shoulder Development by Alan Palmieri
   Some say laterals, some say presses. I say what works for me and the majority of bodybuilders I know. (read more)

Eyes, Forgotten Muscles Forgotten Exercises by Alan Palmieri
   The eyes are important and often neglected. Rarely does a course of instruction provide information on how to strengthen these precious body parts. (read more)

Question and Answer Time by Alan Palmieri
   Often asked questions recently asked and answered. (read more)

Three In A Row by Alan Palmieri
   Variations of workouts come and go as we try to focus in on a way to increase results from our efforts of pushing and pulling the iron around. Three In A Row has produced positive results for me so that means there are a few more out there who can benefit from this routine. (read more)

Times They Are Changing by Alan Palmieri
   Big words no one can pronounce, fancy terms that don't make sense, false claims... just an article that lets me vent off some steam. (read more)

Traps by Alan Palmieri
   Some have advocated not training traps while others have specified over training them. Balance is required for a symmetrical physique. Traps are a muscle and it is unthinkable not to work them. (read more)

Dumbbell Bent Over Rowing by Alan Palmieri
   Everyone knows bent over rows are great for adding mass but they can also shape and define the back. Using dumbbells may be a new approach for some while for others they can break up the monotony and add a little zest to a workout. (read more)

Seated Barbell Curls by Alan Palmieri
   A neglected and forgotten movement, the Seated Barbell Curl can add variety to a arm workout as well as size to the biceps. (read more)

Excerpts Vince Gironda Legend And Myth by Alan Palmieri
   A great amount of interest for Vince Gironda and his methods continues. Still being sold is the CD-ROM Vince Gironda Legend And Myth. A sneak preview is provided for those interested. (read more)

Power Routine For Growth by Alan Palmieri
   Power and strength training for natural bodybuilding sometimes seems more complicated than they need to be. It's a matter of applying the basics with common sense. (read more)

Worth Considering by Alan Palmieri
   Random thoughts, tips and ideas for the natural bodybuilder. (read more)

Pullovers by Alan Palmieri
   A great movement that can invigorate and add much to any workout. (read more)

It's Friday and I Don't Want to Train by Alan Palmieri
   The urge to skip a workout hits us all from time to time. It sometimes requires persistence and mind control to overcome the easy way out. (read more)

Recovery Workout by Alan Palmieri
   I wrote this article to help respond to the many questions I received from people regarding what I did immediately following my heart attack and surgery. This article compliments "Still Here" and "Supplements and Prescription Medication Pro & Con". (read more)

Inducted Bodybuilding Hall of Fame by Alan Palmieri
   This is a special article based on my recent induction into the Steve Speyrer Bodybuilding Hall of Fame in Louisiana. (read more)

Too Much by Alan Palmieri
   It hits all of us from time to time…the tendency to lift more weight than we should. The results are usually not very good when ego over rules common sense. (read more)

Dave Draper Tribute by Alan Palmieri.
   From the deepest valleys to the highest mountain tops Dave Draper has carved his mark as one of the great legends in bodybuilding. He and Laree have one of the most extensive websites on the internet. Dave Draper is one person everyone can learn from, bodybuilder or not. (read more)

Sergio Oliva by Alan Palmieri.
   The Myth, Sergio Oliva... thickness and power most only dream about. Sergio brought much to the sport. He stood less than six feet tall but you would never know it from the way he carried and displayed himself. One of the greats from the 1960's controversial by all means but Sergio is Sergio. (read more)

Incline by Alan Palmieri.
   I prefer incline work to flat bench movements 2 to 1. Just a slight adjustment makes a big difference. (read more)

Bodybuilding Differences by Alan Palmieri
   As with all things, bodybuilding and bodybuilders are different in many ways. The years have taught me many lessons. Maybe one of the most obvious is how with maturity we tend to appreciate those with similar traits and qualities. (read more)

Supplements And Prescription Medication Pro & Con by Alan Palmieri
    A very personal and honest fact based information article. I decided to write this in response to the many questions people have asked me concerning my experience with supplements and prescription medication. (read more)

Power of The Mind by Alan Palmieri.
   It takes more than benches, rows, squats, and curls to build the body.   The mind and your ability to use it is just as important as your exercise, diet, and supplement program. (read more)

Watch the Clock by Alan Palmieri
It seems the phrase "Don't watch the clock" is associated with doing wrong or bad.  Maybe as it relates to work, but not how it relates to your training. (read more)

Light - Heavy - Light by Alan Palmieri
   Natural bodybuilders often become frustrated when trying to increase their strength. Genetics and other factors sometime make it difficult for "naturals" to gain the strength needed to add additional size. This article outlines a common sense approach without any extremes. (read more)

Instinctive Training by Alan Palmieri
  Boredom often comes from training repetitively, the same thing every workout. Boredom is also responsible for training set backs. Instinctive training can not only keep your interest up but is an excellent way to attack each muscle group from a variety of angles and ways. (read more)

Grouping Body Parts for Training by Alan Palmieri
   Rocket science it is not, experience based on trial and error guide the wise to developing training methods most productive for self or for a given period of time. Knowing things change just as our bodies do should allow us to understand what actions work best for specific goals. (read more)

Over Training by Alan Palmieri
   Over training is a real and serious problem. A thin line exists between too little and tool much. Cross it and your progress comes to a compete halt. (read more)

The Neck by Alan Palmieri
   Some bodybuilders never do any specific training on the neck while others must work the neck muscles as hard as they do their biceps and triceps. Often overlooked, the neck is a symbol of strength and development and should not be neglected.   (read more)

Squat Til You Drop by Alan Palmieri
   Squats have had more than their share of controversy. Some say to avoid the movement like the plague; others insist it is the most beneficial of all movements. I personally feel the squat is the King of Exercises. I don't know of a single champion who hasn't used plenty of squats in their training. One day I trained to excess and paid for it. (read more)

Forearms by Alan Palmieri
   A relatively small group of muscles yet they add significantly to overall arm development and appearance. Some have difficulty in developing forearms while others seem to have "Popeye's" without any special work at all. If you need some forearm help this article may be of assistance.  (read more)

Business - Travel Interrupted Workouts by Alan Palmieri
   If unexpected business or personal situations come up forcing you to leave the comfort of your normal training, it may not be as bad as you expect. Here are a few tips to keep you going. (read more)

Training Legs Differently by Alan Palmieri
   Tired and bored with the same old leg routine? Need a change of pace? Here's something a little different to try. (read more)

Amazing Joe Weider by Alan Palmieri
   I am often asked about Joe Weider and thought my recent trip to California and visit with Joe might be of interest to some readers. (read more)

Dips and Dipping by Alan Palmieri
   Dips are a great way to work the entire upper body. Variation in hand and body position can target specific muscles for a more productive workout. (read more)

Youth and Beginner Bodybuilding/Weight Training by Alan Palmieri
   A comprehensive outline for youngsters, men, and women, who would like to start bodybuilding. Some information is useful even for seasoned bodybuilders. Designed to assist those who wish to drop weight as well as those wainting to pack on some solid pounds.
(read more)

Timeless Workout by Greg Sushinsky
   A good friend and one of the sport's leading authors and experts Greg Sushinsky provides one of his outstanding articles for readers. You will enjoy this one and can order more of his excellent work. (read more)

Just Thinking  by Alan Palmieri
   Taking a break from the normal hectic schedule. Tracked a typical day and thought I would share it with you.
(read more)

Steroids by Alan Palmieri
   Perhaps the single most devastating aspect of bodybuilding.  Once again, I vent my personal feelings.
(read more)

Don Howorth by Alan Palmieri
   One of the greats from the 1960's bodybuilding scene.  Don's delts are among the most massive and best shaped in the sport, even by today's standards.   A personal interview with "Mr. Delts"
(read more)

My All Time Favorite Routine by Alan Palmieri
   Over the years I've used a lot of different routines and programs. For me, I have to consider this one as my favorite. It produced results and I always enjoyed following it. 
(read more)

Give Me A Break by Alan Palmieri
   Sometimes people say some of the most ridiculous things. I really don't know how to introduce this article other than by saying what I just did. (read more)

Sissy Squat by Alan Palmieri
   Often used only as a finishing movement, the Sissy Squat is a great movement for adding mass, reducing, or reshaping the thighs. Different versions are used but this one is for the strong of heart only. (read more)

Body-drag Curl by Alan Palmieri
   Has your arm workout become boring and less productive? Need to spice up your biceps training with a different movement instead of the same old stuff? Try the Body-drag Curl to get past a sticking point and encourage new growth. (read more)

Chins by Alan Palmieri
   One of the most difficult if not the most difficult movement for the majority of bodybuilders is the chin. A superior upper body movement often left out of training routines because some are unable to perform enough reps to make it worth while. A technique that can help you increase your chinning ability is provided as well as outlining the difference between the chin, pull-up, and the Sternum Chin.  (read more)

Tips and Bits by Alan Palmieri
   Casual reading and information on various topics of interest such as; eggs, muscle response, nerve response, abs, and other aspects of bodybuilding and training. (read more)

Larry Scott Article by Alan Palmieri
   One of the greats of the “Golden Era” of bodybuilding, Larry Scott was and remains known for his massive arm development and charisma. He is constantly ranked in every poll as being one of the most popular bodybuilders of all times.
(read more)

Increase The Intensity Level by Alan Palmieri
   If gains and progress have come to a slow down or a complete halt you may need to increase your training intensity. There are numerous ways to increase intensity in a workout, this is one method that has worked for me over the years and it may for you.
(read more)

Why The Contradictions? by Alan Palmieri
   Confused by one article that says rest between sets for one and a half minutes and another article that recommends resting only long enough between sets to take three to five deep breaths? You are not alone and maybe this will help clear up confusion. (read more)

10–8–6–15 by Alan Palmieri
   Vince Gironda used this famous program with great success. Anyone who ever followed his version knows of the dramatic results it produces. I modified the 10 – 8 – 6 – 15 for some specific needs I had. This routine is used to shock the body when sticking points have brought progress to a standstill. It will quickly move you past sticking points so progress can resume. Modified for my needs, but used successfully by many. (read more)

Frank Zane Article by Alan Palmieri
   Frank Zane has been one of the most popular bodybuilders in the history of the sport. Frank was a force to be reckoned with in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. One of the sports truly humble gentlemen. Frank Zane, one of the most knowledgeable in the sport of bodybuilding as well as the man who defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger.
(read more)

The Carport by Alan Palmieri
   Bodybuilding in the 60's with just bare protection from the elements made for some hardcore workouts. Freezing winters and blistering summers did not keep me from the task at hand. (read more)

Gym Etiquette by Alan Palmieri
   Working out in a commercial gym can often be a real pain. During peak hours the gym floor is crowded, equipment is not easy to get to, your workout requires minimal rest between sets and, to top it all off, you are in the midst of a bunch of dummies who don't know the first thing about gym etiquette or manners. This article could be twice as long as it is but hopefully it provides enough information so the right people will see it, take notice, and straighten up.
(read more)

The Squat Controversy by Alan Palmieri
   Hated by some and loved by others, the squat has been the focal point of discussion, agreement, disagreement, and even hostility over the years. No other movement can lay claim to so much controversy and the benefit and value or lack thereof.  
(read more)

From Train 21 Rest 7 To 4 And 1 by Alan Palmieri
   From Train 21 Rest 7 To 4 And 1 is a modification of a principle Vince Gironda used in training. Vince's Train 21 Rest 7 produced some fabulous results for many who tried the system. I modified his principle to what I call 4 And 1 and had better results on the 4 And 1. Others have found this method productive and you may find it useful in your training.  (read more)

Midwest Christian Bodybuilding Interview
   For those interested in more of Alan’s background and faith you can read the interview that was posted on Midwest Christian Bodybuilding’s web site during the entire month of November 2004 by clicking

Weight Loss For The Non-Bodybuilder Non-Athlete by Alan Palmieri
   Although primarily for bodybuilding, a great many people who visit my site have asked for ideas and suggestions related to shedding excess weight for family members and others who are not bodybuilders or athletes. Hope this helps! 
(read more)

6 X 6 Rest Pause by Alan Palmieri
The great old standby six sets of six reps with a face lift.  Modified so it will increase cardiovascular activity while continuing to push the muscles into new growth.  Great routine to break a training rut or sticking point!  (read more)

Still Here by Alan Palmieri
"Still Here" is the dramatic and frightening account of a bodybuilder's brush with death when he suffered a massive heart attack and underwent emergency surgery.  This story provides insight and details into the events of that fateful day, as well as presenting the process immediately after coming through the surgery.  Read what one of the "lucky ones" who made it through actually felt and thought.  An interesting and compelling story for bodybuilders, as well as non-bodybuilders.  (read more)

8870 Eighty Eight Seventy by Alan Palmieri
   Don't you hate it when a book or an article has a strange title, such as "8870", and you have to hunt and read, hunt and read, to find the meaning of it?  I do, so in this very first paragraph I'm going to tell you what "8870" stands for and describe it in detail, later on.  "8870" is a workout routine...(read more)

Arm Mass by Alan Palmieri
   A product of Bodybuilding's Golden Era, the 60's, I can reflect back on mistakes made in nutrition, as well as training.  In those days, we trained each body part three times per week and it was not uncommon for our workouts to last three hours or so.  Somewhere along the line, I broke away...(read more)

Calf Specialization by Alan Palmieri
As with biceps, triceps, chest, back, abs, delts, thighs and every body part there is, there are numerous programs and techniques for developing them.  This is true also for calves.  Same old line I always use: "What works for one, may not work for another."  Well, here is a calf specialization program worth trying...(read more)

Gaining Weight and Adding Muscle Mass by Alan Palmieri
Although sometimes people take up bodybuilding to lose weight, the majority takes to the sport in an attempt to add weight and muscle size to their frames.  This is especially true for teenagers and young adults.  As one matures with age...(read more)

How Many Exercises by Alan Palmieri
How many exercises, how many sets, and how many reps per muscle should I do?  This is, perhaps, one of the most common questions asked of me over the years.  My reply, for the most part, is how should I know!  Now that may not sound like much of a response...(read more)

Wide Lats by Alan Palmieri
For the average trainer, the much desired lat spread does not come easily.  In order to have lat flair, you must first develop lats and herein lies the problem for many.  Lat training is no different from the training of other body parts.  There are dozens of various methods...(read more)

Muscle Rambling by Alan Palmieri
   Don't look to this article for any news about present day so-called bodybuilding champions.   Maybe that's putting it a little harsh.  It almost sounds like I am discussing their worth in bodybuilding and not giving them a fair shake for all the work and sweat...(read more)

The Mighty Delts by Alan Palmieri
   Well-developed delts are one of those body parts that attract admiring glances whether you are in a swimming suit, a sport coat, or just a shirt.  If you haven't discovered it by now, they are also one of the trickiest muscle groups in the body.  You can perform any direct movement...(read more)

Pre-Exhaust by Alan Palmieri
Bodybuilders continually strive to find better ways to ensure increased muscle growth occurs from their training routines.  Over the years, this has broght about numerous methods and variations to routines already well established.  Very little is new...(read more)

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