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About the Author

>  Alan Palmieri has a diverse background. In addition to being a five-term mayor, he has credentials in the field of business as well as politics. He operates his own business and has held positions in corporate management, conducted professional development, government, political relations and business management classes at the University of Tennessee.

   At one time, the owner operator of a 30,000 square foot gym, one of the largest and best equipped in the southeast. For about two years, he operated his own Karate / Self Defense studio. Alan wrestled professionally for a short while and worked as a bouncer and bodyguard. Over the years, he has trained countless individuals and has conducted seminars and lectures on bodybuilding, as well as being the author of several published articles, courses and bodybuilding publications. He has appeared in various magazines and newsletters on bodybuilding and has appeared on TV as well as being interviewed on the radio.

   He has personally trained winners of major, local and state bodybuilding events, high school and college athletes and teams, professional athletes and entertainers. He has served as a judge for numerous bodybuilding events as well as promoting and holding several bodybuilding contests. He is the past State of Tennessee President of the IFBB and was awarded the prestigious IFBB Certificate of Merit. In October 2005 Alan was inducted into the famous Steve Speyrer Classic Anatomy Gym Natural Bodybuilding Hall of Fame.

   Alan began his bodybuilding endeavors in the early 60’s during what many consider bodybuilding’s “Golden Era”. Back in those days you had so many greats like Draper, Scott, Pearl, Poole, Sipes, Yorton, Zane, Ortiz, Howorth, Oliva, the introduction of Schwarzenegger just to name a few. No period in time saw so many greats that stood as inspiration for so many. It was a time when bodybuilders had to work, go to school and sometimes both. It was a simple time with a lot of unity. People did not understand what bodybuilding was all about. Bodybuilders were more misunderstood than understood. Times have changed.

   No longer as active in bodybuilding, Alan continues to receive requests for information and guidance from people concerning bodybuilding and weightlifting. He has always talked against the use of drugs and steroids in the sport and promoted natural bodybuilding.

   Not as intense or regular with his training, the following represents the measurements Alan possessed while he was active in bodybuilding. The before column are measurements before Alan began training as a youth. The after column represents measurements obtained at what he considered was his peak.



Height: 5'9"

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 87 lbs

Weight: 230 lbs

Neck: 11"

Neck: 19 1/2"

Chest: 30"

Chest: 52"

Biceps: 7 1/2"

Biceps: 19 1/4"

Waist: 26"

Waist: 34"

Thigh: 13"

Thigh: 28"

Calf: 7"

Calf: 18 1/4"


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Alan Palmieri, Rick Wayne, Harold Poole backstage of the Brooklyn Academy of Music 1967 Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr. World, Mr. Olympia


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Rick Wayne

HPoole01.jpg (46415 bytes)
Harold Poole


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Alan Palmieri and Rock Stonewall


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Alan Palmieri and Hulk Hogan in dressing room
prior to match.


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Joe Weider, Alan Palmieri, Angelo Palmieri outside of Weider's
office 801 Palisades Ave. Union City, New Jersey 1967


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Prestigious IFBB Certificate of Merit
awarded to Alan Palmieri for contributions
made in the promotion and support of

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