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Classified and Notice Posting Rules...
1) Palmieri Bodybuilding accepts no responsibility for any false or misleading posts, damaged, broken, or stolen items, or any condition or terms of any transaction or notice listed. Palmieri Bodybuilding is providing space for classifieds and notice postings and will not rewrite, correct, or alter any part of your notice. Palmieri Bodybuilding does not endorse or recommend any listing or post unless specifically noted as such by Palmieri Bodybuilding.

2) All notices shall be for items, products, or services related to bodybuilding, weightlifting, and health & fitness, and shall not contain any information for steroids or illegal drugs, sex, nudity, profanity, or other items, products and services of such manner.

3) Pictures, drawings, logos, etc. will not be accepted. All notices are to be submitted in text only. All notices will be posted as submitted. Palmieri Bodybuilding reserves the right to post or remove any listing for any reason without explanation.

4) The contact name, address, telephone and/or email address for the classified or notice posting must be included on all posts. You may list a business name and information, but an individual contact name and information must also be provided. 

5) Items will remain posted until such time as Palmieri Bodybuilding feels it should be removed. If you list an item and it sells, please contact Palmieri Bodybuilding so your listing may be removed. If you no longer have an item, service or product available, or if an event is no longer scheduled, please contact Palmieri Bodybuilding requesting your post be removed. Send an email to .

How to post...
In the box above, type a short description of the item(s) that you wish to buy or sell, along with your contact information, then click "Submit Post."  Your post will be listed as soon as possible.


Current Listings

I am looking for the training booklet on calf workouts by Steve
Davis. Does anyone know if this booklet is still available?

Tom Johnson
426 375 2428

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