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Feedback Entries

Hey three weeks I went up approx. 30lbs on my bench
press doing the Palmieri method.  Thanks for the help.
Scott Winstead
   Good luck with the website! It's content and purpose is well overdue in a world of confusion and money making gimmicks.
Steve Speyrer, Classic Anatomy Gym
Hi Alan,
   What a great site you have made for us all.  I just got to know about your site where you have put up a link to  Great site; keep us up to date on new updates.  Thank you, sir.
Cyril Benny, India.
   Great site Alan. Like your Gironda book; it is very stylish and professional. All the best.
   Your Vince Gironda CD is excellent and very informative.  Thanks you very much.
Sincerely, Tom in Tampa
Hi Alan,
   You have one of the best websites available.  The Gironda CD and books, your books and papers are the best.  Please keep up the good work.
Larry Summitt, Virginia
Hi Alan, I currently train with Steve Spreyrer, Classic Anatomy
Gym in Louisiana.  Just wanted to say good luck with the support.  Nice to
know there are other drug-free body builders in this world.  Thanks for
the cool web-site and all the support through the years.
Thanks, Dusty Barron
   Great site!   It will take a while to assimilate it all.  You've
provided some pretty inspirational material.  I'm inspired by your version
of 6 x 6 and will give it a shot this week.

Mick Goodman
   Just spent some time with your articles on your site.  Read "Give Me a
Break, Favorite Routine, Just Thinking and Muscle Rambling."  I enjoy
your conversational style of writing and wanted to encourage you to keep
it up.  You and I share many of the same thoughts on's
always comforting to know that there IS someone else out there.

Wicked Willie
Hi Alan,
   Thank you for the excellent Articles, it is very inspirational to read

Martin Angerer, Germany
   You have created a super web site with some very valuable content.   Found it via a post on Dave Draper's.
Denver Bowen
Esconido, CA

Hi Alan,
   I wrote to you some two months ago about my boyfriend Vannis and you advised on a beginners diet, I must tell you that i am extremely glad we did it!!!  He went through with the diet and supplements religiously for two you did.. While he was at it, I went away on a business trip for two months and I am amazed at the man I met at home, when I got back.  He is much fitter and happier, being an image consultant his looks were a major issue for me after the motorbike accident but  I cant   help admiring  him all the time now.

Thanks Alan and Merry X-mas..I shall recommend for anyone that cares to listen.

Steph, UK

   Myself and joy has been looking at your site getting ready to start back in the gym.  Very nice web site with lots of learning material.
   Just finished reading your vintage leg workout and a couple of other
articles.  Glad to see you're still working at it.  Stop by the Draper IOL
more're missed.

Wicked Willie

Hey, Alan. You got a great site here full of loads of
information. I always find myself coming back here. Look forward to
chattin with you again on IOL.

Robert Marshall (longhornrob)
   Great site!  I just stumbled upon it by following a wikapedia link.   It is
a breath of fresh air and logic compared to a lot of websites I've come

Thanks for the education,
Joe, Phila
Hi Alan. Great site with lots of interesting articles. Finally a
site not filled with commercial for useless products.
 Stein, Norway

Hi Alan, it must have been my reward of the year to have come
across your site. Your site contains an absolutely amazing amount of
sincere, personal and honest opinion about the iron game. Further your
experience and willingness to impart your knowledge, doubtlessly imbued
with your experience, has taken the "intrigue" out of bodybuilding and
made it accessible. That's great, considering it's such a tough journey one
will have to take when drug-free...I intend to read all your articles...
Thankyou and May yuou have the Best of Health!

kelvin yong
Hi Alan
   Came across your article on Ricky Wayne's arm training and it was exactly as you've described. I can say this because I was Rick's training partner when we trained together at Denie's Gym in Jersey City NJ. Of course in those days I also trained with Harold Poole, Billy Grant, Chris Dickerson and Lance Cooper. My name is Mike Romagnola and I won the New Jersey in 1975.
   Wow, this is an amazing site, Alan, one of the best I have viewed recently. This is the place to visit for honest hard working advice for all bodybuilders who seek time proven rapid ways to improve health, gain strength and obtain muscles that last a lifetime without costing you your wealth or health (on drugs) and wasted effort. The sheer volume of work is amazing. This site goes to the top of my favorites.

David Gentle

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