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   Welcome to, a source for information on Natural-Drug Free Bodybuilding. This site is especially for  bodybuilders who seek a safe, proven, and reliable way to gain muscle mass, lose weight, and shape up without the dangers and risks associated with steroids and drugs. HONEST information for the natural bodybuilder.

   A lot of material will be from and about bodybuilding’s “Golden Era” the 1960’s, a point in time when I devoted myself entirely to the sport. It was during that time when some of the greatest names in bodybuilding were on the scene.  What we did back then and how we did it may not have been the best of ways but it did produce results as well as some of the greatest bodybuilders in history and I might add, without the use of steroids and drugs.

   Not everyone who visits this site will grasp or appreciate the natural approach to bodybuilding. Many will stop for a brief moment and then continue on their journey trying to discover the “magic in a bottle” or the “secret” they believe exists for building a muscular physique. Some however, will benefit from the natural approach to bodybuilding and the information contained here as they seek and share the greatness of Natural–Drug Free Bodybuilding.

   Thank you for visiting and I hope to count you among those who come back and visit often.



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